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Hockey & Mental Health

Hockey, and Hockey Development should go far beyond the arena.  In part of refining skills, and becoming a better player is developing strong character and being able to handle adverse situations, that is why the focus of BAC Hockey will always be the following.


an extended contest, struggle, or controversy

At BAC Hockey, we do that.  We will battle in many of our small area games, whether it’s a tiny space 1 on 1 battle, or a 3 on 3 cross ice game, there will be battle every ice time.


a state or instance of serious or continued

difficulty or misfortune

In the rink, and in life we will undoubtedly at some turn go through adversity.  Being able to handle these situations at school, at home, at the arena, wherever it be will continue to further develop character, and enhance our skillset as an athlete.  Players at BAC Hockey will be pushed to the edge of their comfort zone whether it’s in a challenging situational skill station, or an exhaustive battle against an opponent.  Players will learn to excel when things get hard.


to produce through imaginative skill

In order to succeed in battle, and handle adversity – we need creativity.  We have to find different ways to do things, different avenues of success.  Creativity is about trying new things.  At BAC Hockey, whether it’s a new skill, a new deceptive move, a different look on a release, whatever it is…  this will be done every time players step out onto the ice.  Creativity will always be encouraged, never discouraged.  

Client Testimonial

Coach Blair has been on of the best coaches I have had in career playing hockey. He helped me when I was in my first year Midget AAA by helping me improve all aspects of my game with the drills he ran for my on ice skills and the office help to improve my hockey smarts. He is very professional in the way he runs practices and the way he communicates with his players. I highly recommend him for anyone looking to improve their game. – Zack Hayes, Henderson Silver Knights

Hockey sense, Determination and Intensity

We have had the pleasure, and honour of having Blair Courchene as a coach to both of our boys Dylan and Robbie.  Throughout the years, Coach Blair has consistently proven that he values building relationships and taking genuine interest in his players daily lives on and off the ice.   He builds meaningful rapport and he values open, honest communication in and out of the dressing room.  Blair is a caring and compassionate person and is a very reflective individual.  Combine these qualities with being very thorough and detailed, his results are extremely successful.  He takes the time to really know each player well by learning about what drives them, what motivates them, and is dedicated to assisting each individual to reach or work towards their personal goals.– Dylan Anhorn & Family, Union College NCAA D1

I am very thankful

Blair was a great coach to me. He taught me a lot of great things on the ice and helped me develop my hockey skills further. His knowledge for the game was a great asset to my development and I am very thankful to have been coached by him during my Bantam years. – Braylon Shmyr, Allen Americans, ECHL

He played a huge role in my recovery

Blair was one of the best coaches I had throughout my hockey career.  He made me look forward to coming to the rink every day and always motivated me to get better.  He truly cares about the success of all of his players and goes to extreme lengths to ensure that every player is constantly improving.  Blair has the ability to connect with players beyond the game of hockey.  During my Midget AAA season, I faced adverse health issues and he played a huge role in my recovery and continues to be a huge inspiration for me.  – Shadee Merhi, Retired – U of C Engineering Student

We would recommend Blair to any player

Our son has been working with Blair as a coach for several years now.  We enjoy Blair’s approach to working with players; developing foundational player relationships and open communication as a starting point for teaching.  This is complemented by a strong knowledge of skill development and of the game overall.  We would recommend Blair to any player looking to improve their overall game.  – The Wiles Family, Spokane Chiefs 

BAC Hockey Programs

BAC Spring Development

U14, U16, U18, Junior Groups (Begin April 14)

BAC & Dynamic Hockey Jr ID Showcase

June 24-26 


4 on 4 Tourney

July 25-28 

Cardel Rec 

Position Specific Camps

July 5-8 

Flames Community Arenas 

Junior Scrimmage Group 

August 8-11, August 15-18

BAC4Hope Cup

3 on 3 Jr. Prep Cross Ice Tourney

August 8-11, August 15-18

About us

Staff / Instructors


As a coach, it’s important to surround yourself with good people, and build a strong staff.  With that, many of our instructors will be former players of mine, or guys I’ve spent time coaching with that believe in the three things BAC is about.  1.  Battle  2.  Adversity  3.  Creativity.  Here are some of the instructors you will see around BAC Hockey!

Chris “Lanks” Langkow

Hockey Position - Center

Absolutely thrilled to announce Chris Langkow has decided to join the staff of BAC Hockey.  “Lanks” has and continues to enjoy a very successful professional hockey career.  From the backyards, and ponds of Vegreville, Alberta to the Fort Saskatchewan Rangers where he won Western Canadian Championships, then absolutely torching the newly minted 15AAA league at the time with 97 points in 32 games, a record I still don’t believe has been touched.  He then was AMHL player of the year before departing on a four year Western Hockey League Career.  Professionally, Chris has had stops in the ECHL where he won a Kelly Cup Championship in Alaska after leading his team in playoff scoring as a rookie.  “Lanks” then spent a few seasons playing in both the AHL, and ECHL before having to battle back from missing just about an entire year with injury.  That didn’t stop him, thanks to his unrelenting passion for the game, and ability to fight, and battle.  Since his return, he’s spent time in the ECHL, AHL and now has settled overseas in Europe.  Chris will skate with the older group, and help coach with the younger guys.  This man has been through it all, and seen it all throughout his career, and I am thrilled to have him on board to pass along his knowledge, and experience.

Ryely McKinstry

Hockey Position - Defenseman

BAC Hockey is thrilled to announce the addition of Ryely to our staff.  Ryely played two years for me in Bantam AAA and he just gets it.  Always joked with him because he was so wise and mature beyond his years.  He’s one of those players as coaches, you just feel grateful for having the opportunity to spend time and work with.  So, to have Ryely join our team at BAC, I couldn’t be more excited.  As he begins a new chapter in his career, as a hockey coach, there is no doubt he will begin to shape the lives of many young players for years to come.

CoaCh Blair

Blair has long had a passion of coaching hockey, even as a player growing up he always kind of knew he wanted to coach, and work with players.  In the last 12+ years, Blair has worked with various programs in Calgary from Minor Midget AAA, Bantam AAA and Midget AAA.  In that time, he’s been fortunate enough to work with some excellent hockey players, and learn a bit from each and every player.

His philosophy is simply to create environments where players enjoy being on the ice, are always smiling, and having fun.  When this environment is created, the sky is the limit for development.  Players will learn, and they will work hard as a result of simply enjoying themselves, and being motivated.  Blair’s Icetimes are often very competitive, yet very fun for players – they always will include competition, skill and decision making.

Currently, Blair is the head coach of the Calgary Midget AAA Northstars, as well he is a regional scout for the WHLs Prince Albert Raiders.  When he’s not at the rink… just ask his wife, he’s usually then at home watching hockey clips, rewinding highlights continually and madly talking to himself, and writing notes, to eventually create a drill on that particular play.  Creativity is not just important for players, but for coaches as well!

Coach Blair has been married to his beautiful wife Amanda, also his high school sweetheart as the two began dating in Grade 9.  Despite Blair’s earlier attempt of asking her out in Grade 7, when he rejected he asked again in Grade 9, and the two have been together ever since.   Together, Blair & Amanda have a beautiful home with three beautiful “furr dudes”; Pug Basset Hound named Kona, Maine Coon Manx named Kukui, and a Persian Ragdoll named Stitch

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