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BAC Hockey | Alberta Cup Prep Camp 

March 24-25-26, 2023


We will be hosting our AB Cup Prep Camps March 24-25-26 weekend.  This camp is intense, and focused is 100% on preparation on and off the ice for Alberta Cup.  Note**   Camp is likely to sell out given limited registrations available so don’t hesitate to reserve a spot.  If your team is still in playoffs that weekend, then without question, immediately you will be fully refunded.  

What does that mean…

On the Ice… 

Players will have 3 ice sessions with instructors that is focused solely on positional skills, and situations.  These will be forward or dmen only ice sessions.  In addition to the three specific ice sessions, on Saturday, and Sunday both the forwards, and defensemen will share the ice in a competitive session where we will run drills/games where the positions work together, and or against each other in an array of high intensity situational drills, and small area gameplay.  Goalies will be paired up and rotated through the skill sessions.  All goalies will join the competitive sessions.

Off the Ice… 

On Saturday, prior to the competitive session, we will have a special guest speaker(s) join to speak to players.  This will be a speaker session that will be relative, and critical to the coming preparation required for not just AB Cup Tryouts, but the month between tryouts and the tournament.  This speaker session will touch on a lot of subjects that players NEED to hear to give themselves the best chance moving forward, not just at AB Cup, but in their hockey journey.  It’s not always just about what you do on the ice.  It’s also about the way you carry yourself off the ice, around friends, teammates, coaches…etc.

On Sunday, we will bring players and parents together for a panel session.  The panel will include individuals involved with, and familiar with the Team Alberta process to explain to parents and players.  We will also include former players to speak of their experience, and as well coaches/scouts of WHL and junior teams to talk about the draft, and what happens before, and after.  The panel conversation is to to educate both parents and players on the processes coming up, not limited to just the Team AB process, but the draft, junior camps.  It’s an important year for these players, and it can be very overwhelming, and stressful, so we want to bring in the folks directly involved to help guide both players, and parents through and help you be best prepared for what’s to come!

All Together…

This is the premier Alberta Cup Prep camp available.  We will limit registrations to 4 goalies, 8 defensemen, 12 forwards.  A significant chunk of players last year that were a part of this camp played in the AB Cup event and are still in the Team AB evaluation process for Canada Winter Games.

This camp is about PREPARATION.  There is no fluff here.  If you’re looking for a casual weekend to zip around, this camp is not for you.  If you are ready to put in the work, learn, push your comfort zone… then this is likely where you need to be before AB Camp Tryouts.



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Alberta Cup Prep Camp

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