BAC4Hope Cup 3v3 Cross Ice Jr Prep


August 2023 Cross Ice Tournament

August 7-10 & August 14-17



3 on 3 Cross Ice Tournament is designed to get players ready for coming junior camps.

Good pace, intensity and perfect icetimes for guys looking to get ready for camp – touch up on timing, decision making, puck work, and get back to a good pace before camp!

**Players MUST be returning to Jr/College camp, or going to Jr camp**

Chance to get your name ‘sharpied’ into the 4Hope Cup!

Teams will be created by the organizers, tournament is round robin format.

**This event does sell out, so please contact Blair to reserve spot, or register now! **Limited spots available for players returning to quadrant, registration priority to returning junior players**

2022 BAC4Hope Cup Champions Week 1 

Kieran Ruscheinski, Josh Mettimano, Ethan Semeniuk, Patani Mutambo, Grady Hauk, Luke Lawford, Kyle Dumba, Berk Berkeliev

2022 BAC4Hope Cup Champions Week 2

Ethan Rowland, Nathan Behm, Luke Spadafora, Danny Schmirler, Connor DeLay, Ethan O’Halloran, Brett O’Halloran

2021 BAC4Hope Cup Champions Week 1 

Ethan Matthews, Myles Gauld, Samuel Huck, Ethan Zielke, Ethan Rowland & Jared Whale

2021 BAC4Hope Cup Champions Week 2

Cole Thomas, Parker Aucoin, Nik Fomradas, Connor Nolan, Ryan Nolan & Blake Pilon

2020 BAC4Hope Cup Champions Week 1 

Sam Anderson, Aidan Moore, Jake Neighbors, Ozzy Wiesblatt, Orca Wiesblatt, Max Johnson, Michal Kokoszewski, Berk Berkeliev

2020 BAC4Hope Cup Champions Week 2

Kyle Bailey, Sam Witt, Dylan Witzke, Jaden Ostrowski, Kaito Umino, Grayson Dietrich, Berk Berkeliev

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3v3 Cross Ice Tournies

BAC 4Hope Cup Week 1; Aug 7-10, BAC4Hope Cup Week 2; Aug 14-17, Both Aug Weeks

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