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Situations – Solutions –> Skills

We are back this spring! (fingers crossed)

BAC Hockey is excited to offer an affordable, purposeful spring program that is built around skills that matter.  Skills that are found in situations of the game, and skills that provide players with solutions.

Our program will consist of on-ice development practices only.  Players will have 12 sessions each (10 for Jr) that go through middle of  April till end of May.  Understanding that families have so many options and resources at their fingertips, we wanted to create a program that would be easy to work with in terms of commitment, and scheduling.  Icetimes are in the evening, and fairly easy locations.

Throughout the spring, we will have a variety of guest instructors out to work with the players.  Included will be quadrant coaches, scouts of junior hockey programs, junior coaches & current, and former professional players.

BAC Hockey is all about providing players the tools to become a successful hockey player at the next level.  We aren’t about dominating spring tournaments, or winning medals.  It’s about being prepared to be impactful at the next level, while having fun.  Our icetimes will consist of a lot of isolated station work that is derived from the game, along with a lot of small area work, and position specific focus.  We teach players to focus on solutions on the ice, and as well to force the opponents into a spot where they must find a solution.

The game is a million little situations that occur on the ice, and are never the same.  We are here to help players recognize these situations, We will create adversity for them via game-like situations, where they are forced to battle through and develop critical thinking skills to find the creativity think their way through problems with solutions.  These are the skills that matter in the games, these are real skills.

Through this method, players will be constantly challenged, but having fun.  They will learn the game, enhance their decision making, and IQ, increase their battle level and ultimately become a better player suited to excel at the next level all the while, having a blast at practice.

This is what BAC Hockey is about, and can’t wait to get on the ice with the players again this spring!


2008-09-10 S3 Spring Schedule

2005-06-07 S3 Spring Schedule

Junior S3 Schedule

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Spring S3 Program

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